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Children of Tomorrow Learning Centers, a TFTOS sister company, is celebrating 20 years of business!

Building a business that continues to thrive over two decades of economic ups and downs, has seemed like an insurmountable feat at times. But, Children of Tomorrow Learning Centers will be celebrating 20 years of business this year and I cannot help but reflect on what has been the key, but sometimes overlooked, factors that have contributed to business growth. Let me share them with you…


Be open to learning from others.

There will always be a more effective, strategic or efficient way of operating your business. Learn from others so you can always strive to do better. Your employees, for example, may bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Listening to their ideas can build business, morale and better teams. Your clients may even have key areas of expertise that can impact your business. Build up those reciprocal relationships.

Increase your resources.

Years of business will bring changes in technology, communications, operations and learning. As you increase your resources, you can stay on top of what is trending and needed in the current state of your business and the economy.

Build your community.

You will always be better together than operating alone. Partner with surrounding companies so that you can lean on each other to grow your businesses together. It becomes a win-win for all.

Mastermind with others.

A group of business leaders together sharing insights, learnings and perspectives can be an immense value-add for your business. In addition, as you build that know, like and trust factor with those in your group, referrals start coming in and the value of a referral is unbeatable.

Never stop learning.

Fill your brain with as much as you can so that you are ready for anything as a business owner. And, when you do not know what direction to take but you have put in the work to invest in trusted partnerships and build up others and your community, you will always have help when you need it.


I am so grateful for this community we have been able to thrive in, the partnerships we have made, the relationships we have built, the families we have been able to serve and the children we have been able to care for. I look forward to many more decades of business growth alongside of you!

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Learn more about Children of Tomorrow Learning Centers at childrenoftomorrow.com.