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Regrets. Uh. Can feel devastating for childcare business owners. BUT…


What if you could put into practice some childcare business building tactics that you won’t ever regret and forego those yucky feelings?


Sounds like a definite win-win, right? Operating a childcare business can feel painfully demanding at times with so many moving and changing needs to meet.

Meeting the needs of your management staff. Meeting the needs of your teachers. Meeting the needs of the children in your care. Meeting the needs of the parents. Meeting the needs of your center and ensuring your bottom line is healthy. And not to mention, meeting your needs as a business owner. Whew!


So, let’s break down 3 childcare business building practices that will get all those moving needs aligned in the same direction and build your childcare business without looking back.


1. Run the company on core values.

Take the time to nail these down and operate on them every single day. They will become your foundation. It will make hiring, firing, decision making, communication, team management…so much simpler. Once you have that measuring stick to measure everything against, it’s clear what direction needs to be taken with any operation, issue or initiative to build your business.


2. Do goal setting with the entire team.

Communicating the vision of the childcare company with your entire team ensures everyone is on the same page. Imagine a classroom full of toddlers who have just been told to clean up but don’t know why, been told to put on their coats and hats but don’t know why, haven’t been told to line up at all and are confused because NO ONE communicated to them that they are going to the playground.

Not communicating a goal breeds uncertainty, confusion and chaos. You will never regret fostering clarity, empowerment and accountability no matter if your audience is 2 or 32.


3. Share budget and P&L expectations with the management team.

An integral part of operating a successful childcare business is to ensure your bottom line is healthy. Your management team plays a key role in ensuring this is the outcome. This type of collaboration drives empowerment and ownership for the P&L results. Setting up a solid system, business building expectations and timely measurement tools are your ultimate key to success.


In Summary

Chasing new business building initiatives can be fruitless and downright devastating without clear direction in a few key areas like operating on core values, goal setting with your entire team and sharing budget expectations with your childcare management team. You will never regret building a culture of clarity, empowerment and accountability.

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