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According to Education Next, 47% of teachers miss 10 days or more each school year.

That number jumps to 61% in schools serving the underprivileged.

How do you feel on mornings when you receive a call from one of your teachers that they’ll be out?

Frantic? Panicked? Frustrated? Annoyed? Concerned?

Like many childcare center owners or directors, you scramble to find a qualified substitute.

We’ve been there.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

How would you feel if…

You had the processes and procedures in place to ensure that you always had top-quality substitute teachers who were already recruited, vetted, and trained specifically for your center or school?

Teachers for Tomorrow Operating System provides everything you need to own and operate your own substitute teacher system!

And we know it works because it’s the system we actually built and use!

What this would mean to your facility and your students?

  • Increase in student outcomes
  • Reduction in staff turnover
  • Compliance with staff: student ratios
  • Smooth running classrooms
  • No administrators jumping into teaching positions
  • Consistency, Confidence, and Connection
Sounds great, right?
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from Kris Murray

owner, childcare marketing solutions

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One of the top challenges faced by early childhood owners and leaders is the requirement to meet ratios with quality staff, especially when teachers get sick or have personal emergencies.

This situation often pulls leaders away from their important high-value activities and into the classroom to cover ratio.

The best solution is for child care managers to have a solid back-up system in place. Teachers for Tomorrow is the best back-up system your school or center can have.

They provide a reliable, trained, high-quality and professional substitute teacher service for the early childhood industry.

I highly recommend
Teachers for Tomorrow!

Always having highly-qualified substitutes available when a teacher:

  • Calls out sick in the morning
  • Has an upcoming planned vacation
  • Begins family leave
  • Experiences a family emergency
  • Attends training for a day or two
  • Leaves unexpectedly
Still not convinced?
What if you could dramatically increase your income?
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Teachers for Tomorrow Operating System allows you to grow your income without:
• building or leasing a new facility;
• spending all your time in the classroom, teaching;
• sacrificing existing staffing
Not only can you be up-and-running within 30 days of purchase, you can double your investment by placing only 5 full-time subs.
Are you ready to replace uncertainty with certainty?

Teachers for Tomorrow Operating System

Provides a complete “lesson plan” ensuring you always have a fully-qualified sub pool at your fingertips.

With your investment in the Teachers for Tomorrow Operating System, you receive:

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  • Full marketing plan (Valued at $25,000)
  • Full teacher training system (Valued at $25,000)
  • Full set of step-by-step instructions (Valued at $30,000)
  • Full set of all forms and templates (Valued at $5,000)
  • An evergreen system: Your purchase entitles to all the upgrades and enhancements we make — at no additional cost!
  • Bonus Monthly Accountability: Live training to help guide you to experience the success we’ve had for an easy monthly subscription (Valued at $4,500)
This system is worth nearly $90,000
Still not sure?

Are you thinking,
“I’m already stretched to my limit. How will I ever be able to run a teacher substitute placement company?”

Why are you stretched thin?

  • Teacher shortages
  • Filling in to maintain ratios
  • Not enough income to accomplish what you want
What would you invest if you could have structure, processes, and step-by-step instructions for:
  • Setting up your teacher substitute company, including what kind of structure works best
  • Finding great teachers, retaining, and placing them
  • Back-office forms, templates, and “how-to” guides
  • Support throughout so you can bring in income
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Placing one full-time substitute covers your investment.
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