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You’re right! Childcare time management may be impossible if you believe this childcare time management hoax.


In a childcare center busy with hustling and bustling parents coming in and out of the doors, classroom managing teachers and curious and inquisitive children, sitting in an office at the epi-center of the business may not lend itself well to dedicated, uninterrupted work time.

Can you relate, Childcare Owners and Directors?


But, consistently leaning on that ‘I have no time’ reason for not finding time to dig in and get things done in your childcare business is an excuse. A big childcare hoax. The great childcare time management hoax!


I get that it can be incredibly debilitating to feel so incredibly busy and at the end of the day truly see that you didn’t make progress on anything of real importance. Business without progress or impact is gut-wrenching.

So, have you done anything about it? What have you implemented to work on this time management conundrum? Often, I see Childcare Owners and Directors throw their hands up and give in to the interruptions, distractions and fire drills and get their real work done after hours or on weekends.

#1…this is a great plan for burn-out. #2…an extremely inefficient spend of time. #3…your self-care goes out the window. #4…no thanks!


So, I’m going to let you in on 5 of my insider secrets for a highly successful, time well-managed day.


1. Identify and write down the top 3 priorities that MUST get done that day. Set your day up to ensure you complete them.

2. Make your final childcare center rounds in the morning at 9:00 am to ensure all classrooms are ready to go with children and staffing then check in at 12:00 pm and again at 3:00 pm. Unless absolutely necessary, stick to this schedule for maximum efficiency.

3. Create boundaries with office hours and tours. Communication with staff is a must so they know when you are and are not available.

4. Post a 5 minute increment sign-up sheet for staff to speak with you during the times you are available. This cuts down on barging in at all times of the day sucking your work time away.

5. Delegate. Let me say that again…delegate! If you were to calculate your hourly bill rate, would it be the best spend of your financial resources to complete all the things? Probably not. Empower others to take accountability for driving business forward.

With a plan of action, you too can get a handle on your time management practices in your childcare center. The biggest secret is to start!

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