“Substitute teachers are in high demand, all across the country, with a median income ranging from $17k to $48k.”

Bureau of Labor Statistics

According to the National Education Association: There is a severe shortage of substitute teachers in Alaska, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, South Carolina, and Washington. There are no exemplary substitute teacher programs in Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, or Texas.
High-quality programs do not just meet the basic needs of children, but also provide opportunities for meaningful learning activities and language development, and work to foster close, caring relationships between children and their teachers/caregivers.

Child Trends Databank. (2014}
Early childhood program enrollment.

Opportunities abound nation-wide for professional substitute teacher placement companies.

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Properly trained and placed
substitutes have:

  • The opportunity for maximum flexibility, accepting the jobs which fit their schedules;
  • A chance to work at several childcare centers to “try on” workplace fit before accepting a permanent position;
  • Less turnover because they know where and how they work best;
  • Increased confidence in their own abilities and competence.

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One study described the belief in substitute incompetence as “a self-fulfilling prophesy.”

At Teachers for Tomorrow, we believe differently.(And we have the data to back up our beliefs.)

You know that properly trained substitutes make all the difference to students and administrators. Teachers for Tomorrow Operating Systems provides all you need to start your own substitute placement company.

What this would mean
to students?

  • Compliance with staff:student ratios
  • Smoothly run classrooms
  • Consistency, Confidence, and Connection

If you’re looking to create a monumental change
in the childcare industry and positively impact children’s lives,

Teachers for Tomorrow Operating System is your direct path to success!



Being able to place a trained and vetted substitute when a teacher:

  • Calls out sick in the morning
  • Has an upcoming planned vacation
  • Begins family leave
  • Experiences a family emergency
  • Attends training for a day or two
  • Leaves unexpectedly

Still not convinced?


What if you could dramatically increase your revenue as compared to your teacher’s salary?


Teachers for Tomorrow Operating System provides you with a complete roadmap to jumpstart a new business without:

  • Building or leasing a facility;
  • Worrying about unqualified substitutes impacting your children;
  • Avoiding necessary days off

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You can even run your company from your home office!

Plus, you can be up-and-running within 30 days of purchase and double your investment by placing only 5 full-time subs.

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Are you ready to replace uncertainty for certainty?

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